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Legends of the Steel Guiter

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There is no question that the Cord International folks (primarily Michael and Maryann Cord) understand the art of the compilation, particularly with historical reissues. Recent years have seen their marvelous Legends of the Ukulele and Territorial Airwaves collections, and the anthology of living legend Linda Dela Cruz.

Working with internet radio host Aloha JOE ( who has developed the series A Place Called Hawai'i with the label), this volume Legends of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar: Past Present and Future celebrates steel guitar recordings from twenty great players. Stars of the past, such as Sol Ho'opi'i, Tau Moe, and Jerry Byrd shine alongside present-day practitioners like Bob Brozman, Ken Emerson, Bobby Ingano and Greg Sardinha.

What truly makes this set special are the details you learn about each player - especially some of the folks who should not be forgotten, such as Billy Hew Len, who played on recordings with Genoa Keawe, Jesse Kalima, Myrtle K. Hilo and others - despite having lost his left hand in an accident (he wore a leather glove with a steel bar attached).

Another bonus to the set are the marvelous photos of steel guitars of all styles and designs, ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s; standard-looking instruments, fry-pan styles, rectangular marvels, and even a 24-string triple necked Fender.

Fans of the steel guitar will have to own this disc, and it will also be welcomed by all who feel that this instrument is the sound of Hawai'i.


Gregg Porter - Northwest Hawai'i Times - June 2006

HOCD79000 - Legends of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar

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