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John Kameaaloha Almeida
The Dean Of Hawaiian Music

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A celebration of the Hawaiian language in song!
This is the music of pre-statehood Hawaii.

This disc embraces & pays tribute to one of the most significant composers,
arrangers, & performers of Territorial Hawaii. As a recording artist & radio star,
“Hawaii’s Blind Musician”, was seemingly everywhere,
& easily recognized with his trademark dark glasses & trusty cane.

He was in continuous demand on stage at numerous clubs & cafes,
and was the darling of the Hawaiian music scene.
He was Chief Musician for the Matson ships, & also hosted numerous
radio music programs from 1932 to 1954.

He mastered the mandolin, ukulele, guitar, steel guitar, violin, banjo, saxophone, & piano. Over a 70-year career, this prolific composer created a legacy of hundreds of mele hula. He composed countless poetic love songs in the Hawaiian language for an endless supply

of female admirers. Over 100 years after his birth, his songs are still enjoyed at
hula festivals & Hawaiian music concerts. He was a major factor in the history of Hawaiian music. These are his most memorable performances. 22 songs with extensive historical liner notes & rare photos. The Hawaiian language poetry of each song has been lovingly transcribed & translated into English! An extraordinary rare treat!